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Confidence Men

“Confidence Men” is a Chicago-based sitcom following the lives of four failing con-artists. In the pilot, a failed con leads the four friends to design an intricate plan to break into a downtown high rise in order to steal a rare treasure. After mapping out the method of entry the group splits up to finish last minute preparations. At the meeting time, only the young new member shows up. Determined to prove his worth he completes the heist only to discover his comrades were out drinking instead of helping.

Watch the Pilot "Who Watches the Watch Guards" at

Confidence Men is currently an entry in the Wits' End Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition

Handsome Devils 

It's a romantic comedy about two best friends who enjoy nothing better than playing video games together, until one of them decides to ask a girl out! The other, thinking he'll lose his video game buddy, devises elaborate plans to sabotage his friends romantic endeavors. Of course, the plans backfire!

Watch Handsome Devils on my FILMS page.

It was shown at the Naperville Independent Film Festival in 2008 and the Downer's Grove After Hours Film Society.